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The Day John John died


John John Kennedy. I don't know why. But I cried much during that week. It seemed so tragic yet almost predictable. He was a Kennedy and it seems tragic thingshave and can happen to them. But maybe its no different than other families. the Kennedy tragedies are just so public.

It also might be that I was just coming out of my father passing that year and I was still grieving that death.

I had some kind of hope in John John. Unspoken hope. Perhaps that he would do great things. Um? Interesting how we think and discern. I didn't know him but I somehow felt connected.

He was part of my Pop Culture. I don't know what age group remembers him. Thats sad, but true.

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I am supposed to post everyday


I am supposed to post everyday for 2011. I decided this the day before yesterday and what do I do, forget to post yesterday. Actually I didn’t forget to post I was just too tired and lazy to post when I remembered. Well today I remembered and I am tired but I am still posting anyway.

Life is busy. I am about to debut a TV show called The InnerView.  Its like The View but it will be on internet radio and we are going to work hard not to talk over one another. We are also going to talk about living life from a different prospective. Not life from the surface but life way down deep. It will be a fun show. It debuts Monday, Jan. 31st. at 11am. I will give out the exact link when I have it.

I am also getting ready for a concert that I am doing at The Center for Spiritual Living on Feb. 26th at 7pm. I will have lots of guest musicians. Gary Floyd, Cornell Kinderknecht, Chuck Rainey and William Foley. There will be more and it will be a grand time. Mostly my own originals written by myself and along with others.

And to end the day, one of my brothers was put in the hospital with chest pains. They are doing test to see what is going on. It wasn’t a heart attack thank goodness. Prayers for him.

Well, I didn’t think I would write this much and this long. I guess I had to make up for yesterday’s fail. Anywho. Ciao

Creativity Workshop Jan. 22nd 10a-2:30



Here is a chance to ignite your creative juices if you’ve been feeling sluggish in that area.

Come explore creativity through conversation, silence, movement, improv, crayons, glue, and journaling. Come play!

Hosts: Robin Hackett, Cornel Kinderknecht, Angie Dutton

When: Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Cost: $50 in advance, $60 at the door.

Time: 10a-2:30

Where: The Center for Spiritual Living, Dallas, TX


Robin Hackett in concert at the Mystic Note Cafe


Singer/Songwriter Robin Hackett will be in concert on Saturday, Februaryy 26th at the Center for Spiritual Living in Dallas, Tx. The show starts at 7pm. The Grammy Nominated songwriter will be joined by world renowned bass player Chuck Rainey, singer-songwriter Gary Floyd,  flute and woodwinds player Cornell Kinderknecht, jazz pianist William Foley and many more. It will be an evening of joy, laughter, and lots of incredible music. Purchase tickets in advance at

the link below.

Saturday, Feb 26 7pMystic Note Café