Monthly Archives: November 2012



I rest in knowing that I am not the circumstances nor appearances in my life. It has been a long journey toward this realization. I can accept the thoughts and appearances that trample through my brain or I can rest in knowing that I am that which observes. I am the observer…how lovely




I have noticed that when I am “Just Being”, so much begins to happen. It is a quiet, contentment not filled with any desires or goals. In these moments, God/Spirit speaks to me and it is in this that I fall deep into loving life.

Last night, I meditated with my nephew with Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of Meditation.  Amazing and Divine.

Walk a mile and then another and then another and suddenly….you are at your destinatio


I have decided to walk everyday. For one, it is good for my body but more importantly it is the time that I sort things out, say my prayers, chant affirmations, and listen to inspirations from Jack Canfield, Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer and so on. It sets my day and thought world into motion. 

But I realized when I go out to walk, I am walking forward step by step and not once do I think that I will not make it to my destination. I keep going one foot in front of the other and sometimes I get an impulse to walk a different path and I’ll find myself in high grass or mud (I walk in a big field with many different paths). I manage my way through the grass or the mud and I allow the universe to whisper to me which way to go and then next thing I know I come upon an opening and another path that takes me to my destination.

This has become a metaphor for my journey as a singer songwriter. There is a certain destination I am aiming for but I must realize that there will be times when I am not sure where I am or where to go next but if I allow the universe to whisper to me what to do next, I will reach my destination. I realize throughout my music career journey I have never trusted the universe/God to show me the way therefore I would give up and doubt and fall off the path. Just as my walk every morning drops me at my desired destination so will this journey through life. 

The last thing is, my walk is fun and interesting and I am curious along the way about the shrubs and beautiful weeds and flowers I see along the way. And it is fun to see where the muddy road will lead me. I shall carry this same feeling in my life and my journey with music. Blessings!,