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Remembering Sandy Hook


Remembering Sandy Hook.


Remembering Sandy Hook


It is 3:06 in the morning. I have been down with the flu and now bronchitis. I have been staying up very late every nite for the last week from feeling sick and tonite is no different. Of course, I am watching continual coverage of “Breaking News”. I think it’s called “Breaking News” because most of the time it “breaks” our heart. Not always, but mostly.

I hope you will take the time to read the poems/songs that came through me. When I am creating, it is my intent to be in conversation with God with me mostly trying to hone my listening skills. These were written with love and respect for all victims.

Two phrases stuck out for me, No More Reunions and Positive Identity. No More Reunions referred to the waiting area for parent’s waiting to reunite with their children in a local firehouse. There were 50 or so adults left and were told “No More Reunions”!  It is haunting to me.


In a quiet little town just north of New York City
A young man gone wild in a schoolyard once pretty
He was so overloaded and falling apart
When he opened fire on innocence and heart

Come to the firehouse, is what they were told
Your children are waiting, wanting to go home
They’ve been through a scene, one that’ll never let go
So stop what you’re doin
Come to the Reunion

Mamas and Papas go to the right
Your children are seated to the left in the Light
When we call out your name, mother and child
Just stop what you’re doin
This is your Reunion

The day carried on in much the same way
Daunting despair, a haunting display
All the names had been called, it was eerie to say
Stop what you’re doin
These are the final Reunions

The mama’s and papas still waiting to the right
Had waited and waited with their eyes on the light
They realized the truth, it was so loud and so clear
The most Feared Fear was the hardest to hear
So loud and clear, oh the hardest to hear
To stop what you’re doin
There’ll be no more Reunions
There’ll be no more Reunions
There’ll be no more Reunions
No more Reunions
No more Reunions

(I cannot imagine this)


The second phrase was Positive Identity. The chief of police kept talking about not giving out any names until they had “Positive Identities”.

POSITIVE IDENTITY (a mother knows)


He’s got a mole on his ear
It twitches a lot when he likes what he hears
She’s got teeth coming in 
And one of them sticks out in between her grin
A little boy, a little girl
Barely six and seven

These little things I tell you
Help you do the job you do
While I sit by, my family and me
Waiting for a Positive Identity

He’s got one blue eye and the other’s green
The prettiest eyes you’ve ever seen
She’s got a birthmark on her thigh
Looks like a floating, golden butterfly
A little boy, a little girl
Barely six and seven

These little things I tell you
Help you do the job you do
While I sit by, my family and me
Waiting for a Positive Identity

I really want to kick and scream
This is a lopsided, crazy, F’d up dream
But it’s more amazing that I choose to speak
The many beautiful things of these children you I.D
I believe that in the daze to come, I will always see
And never forget their………………………………………………….. Positive Identity


An early winter’s morn


How I love an early winter morn. There is something about a gray, brown, stark looking day in the middle of winter. My heart loves this landscape and loves the feeling of a day like today. I love to look out on fields where rows and rows of trees have lost all of their leaves. There is such beauty in this and it delights my creative soul.My first sip of coffee seems much more full and enjoyable on an early winter morn. Because of course out of the barren and the stark there will later be laughing colorful leaves, green grass, and the fullness of spring. But winter, both the season and the heart lay in waiting for the new. All is quiet and serene as I look out my window into the field where day is on the verge and night goes to sleep. My heart, as is the land are pregnant and in waiting for the new. New thoughts, new projects, new ideas, new songs, new leaves, greener pastures, happy colorful flowers. But for now I’ll take the gray, the bleak, the emptiness, and be delighted with anticipation for the new as the train whistle in the background blares on it’s way to somewhere. I sip my coffee on this early winter’s morn and all….is…..well.

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Staying in the flow


I have not blogged in a couple of weeks. I have been in a space of noting that the “flow” can look very different. I thought it was going to look one way and over the last few weeks I hit a stumbling block, purely made of my own doing. I kept trying to push in a certain direction because that is what I “thought” I was supposed to do, but my heart was not in it and I kept hitting up against a bunch of walls. In the last few days I finally decided to give in to what might be present or wanting to present itself. So I forced nothing at all. I did some housework, watched tv, and just followed what was next. Where I was led to, was the writing of lyrics. I have not written lyrics by myself, for myself in awhile. I have been writing with other people and that’s a different energy. 

To finally sit and write for myself was wonderful and joyous. So the flow may not always have to do with what we think it has to do. The flow twists and turns and how nice is that!

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