Show up, Flow Up…..


Show up, Flow Up…...


Show up, Flow Up…..


It is Day 3 of blogging and I find myself wondering about what I will write about each day. But I think for me, it is best just to show up and see what my muse has to say, to allow the flow to occur. I do not want to expect anything out of blogging, just the act of doing, being, and allowing will be a gift all in itself. It has only been 3 days, but each morning when I arrive with my favorite Starbuck’s French Roast cup of coffee and begin, I am delighted and filled with lots of child-like glee like when I was a kid and discovered creativity. Wow… I feel like a new person even after 3 days. I hate to say this blog is more about me than others, but I know when I write for others whether it be a song or in my book, there is a pressure that occurs that stymies the flow. The flow is my friend and she loves playing with me and creating just because. 

Since being on word press, I have seen many different articles about having a successful blog, building your business through blogging, and how often should you blog. That puts me back in my head and out of the flow once again. I need to write for writing’s sake and nothing else. It feeds my soul, makes me feel alive, whole, and accomplished. I get to carry that feeling throughout my day. So grateful!

Blogetty, Blog, Blog Blog


Staring Monday, June 2nd I am taking on the blog challenge of writing everyday. It feels good because I have no great intention behind it and no expectations. Just for fun and joy. I have been writing since I was a little girl but I have never considered myself a writer. I am a songwriter but for some reason I consider that different than being a writer. But guess what, its all the same. I accidentally wrote a book and self-published it. It came on like a tornado out of the blue and the words flowed out effortlessly. I have had that experience with a song but never thought a book would come out that way. I finished that book within a week’s period of time from start to finish. Writing for hours, up until 5 in the morning some days. It was fun. The challenge came when it was done and I thought okay I am going to market this book. Well that’s a whole other ballgame. I am not a marketer, I am a writer. But I am happy that book was written. I also have another book in the works that I have been writing since 2003 when I lived in New York City. The idea came out of the blue and every time I go to write in that book I have no idea where its going. I just show up and my muse appears and she writes. It has been an amazing process. Um? I think I’ll let her write everything and get out of the way. what a thought……… 

To create or not create


Once again I’ve decided it would be fun to write a blog everyday and babble on about whatever.

Today, I think about creativity for me and I love the process of writing a song or writing in my book. When I am in the flow the whole world disappears. I am blissed out. But everyday there is this struggle to even get myself to the paper. It is a battle in the mind. I think it is wrought with fears of “it won’t be good enough”, a thought pattern from my childhood. I can tend towards measuring and competing with those that I think are the super talents and it stops me from showing up for myself. Well the fact that I am here today writing this little blog is cool cause it is proof that I am showing up….at least today at this moment. Yeah! Fun. It is a funny thing to me that many artists no matter what genre have difficulty getting to what they love and of course that is a blanket statement. 

I knew a guy in New York who was a concert pianist at Julliard School of music and he would practice for at least 8 hours a day, but every time I saw him it was at a bar and he was drunk out of his mind and he would talk to me about how miserable his life was and the pressure from school and his family to be the best. Of course that is an extreme example. When I was a kid I was obsessed with singing and would sing and write everyday just for the sake of it.  As an adult I began putting a price tag on it because I chose it as my career. I think the trick is to get back to that childlike state of mind and just have plain old fun. I go back and forth with this all the time.

I am writing this, not to get advice but just to share. If you would like to share your experience that would be cool!


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By now you should have received your first installment and some of you received a bonus track. I think this will be a fun year being able to stay connected this way. Please feel free as well to comment on the songs that you’ve received. I also hope to be able to set up a forum where you can talk about the songs and to one another if so desired. Please also share this with your friends who know my music and definitely share with those that don’t know my music but whom you think might like it. Please know I am honored by your support and really appreciate your participation on this creative journey!




For those of you who reside in the New York City metropolitan area, I am pleased to announce that I will be in New York City from Feb. 6th-11th, 2014. I will be in concert Saturday, Feb. 8th and also possibly Feb. 9th. I will send more info in my next newsletter to let you know times and places. Both events at this time will be House Concerts and may have limited seating!


For those in the Dallas Fort Worth area, I will be performing at the Mockingbird Cafe in Pilot Point on March 7th. I will be accompanied Randy Hudson on guitar. The Mockingbird Cafe is patterned after the infamous Nashville venue, The Bluebird Cafe! It is where many and notables got their start in country/singer-songwriter music. The Mockingbird Cafe opened it’s doors January 3rd, 2014. I am excited to be one of the first artist to perform there. This venue is owned and operated by my friend Deannie Deal, an amazing person and an amazing country artist. Hope you can join us!


I am officially the Music Director at Spirituality Today Tv, a new thought church out of Ft. Worth under the Spiritual Direction of Mindy Audlin. I love being here every Sunday. Join us when you can! It is a wonderful experience every time we gather.


As some of you may know, I am in preparation for recording new material which I have a lot of. In the coming months I will be launching a GOFUNDME campaign. I am looking forward to it because it is a chance for more interaction with my fans and for fans to fully connect with me and actively be a part of putting this music out in the world. Many of you are already supporting me and I appreciate that. More news to come when I have it! Thanking you all once again! See you soon!



Join Robin Hackett’s Song of the Month Club




SONG OF THE MONTH CLUB! The first 10 people to sign up today will receive 2 songs for the month of January.

I am excited to announce my Song of the Month Club is officially launched. Here is a way to partner up with me and contribute to sending more of my music out into the world. You can participate in the recording of my next cd and at the same time receive a new song each month beginning January  2014. If you don’t live near me and cannot see me live, what better way to stay in touch and at the same time hear great music. Here’s how it works:

You make a one-time payment to become a Song of the Month Club member. I suggest a minimum amount of $20 but you can write in any amount you would like to pay, and just like that you are supporting the arts!

Receive an MP3 of a fresh Robin Hackett song on the first of every month for 10 months along with lyrics and liner notes about each song’s creation.  The song may be a freshly hatched acoustic version, or it may be a fully produced song! At the end of that 10 months, you will receive a copy of my new cd at the member rate of $10.00. Become a Song of the Month Club member today!

If you’d like to do more, please consider becoming a Song Sponsor!. Song Sponsors are a very special group of folks who give $100 or more.  This support will go directly to studio production costs and paying musicians for their brilliant playing. Song sponsors get special recognition in my linear notes and a free copy of the completed CD.

You will receive your first song on January 1st, 2014. Sign up today and receive an additional download of one of my Christmas songs now.

Ways to pay…PAYPAL: a fully-secure way to pay by credit card.  Suggested minimum of $20. Simply click on the the word PAYPAL above or JOIN NOW below. Donate your amount and start receiving your songs! JOIN NOW!

Send check 1069 Seymour Dr. Frisco, Texas 75033 or email me at

Robin Hackett

Social Media


Okay, I just learned how to use Instagram (i know I am slow). Social media is the way these days and I used to think all of this is so overwhelming, but a little bit at a time is cool and this is fun. So I just wanted to check in and say hello and good morning. I also did an Instagram video and shared it on Facebook. I’ll try not to go crazy with too many posts. Lol.

Don’t forget and stay tuned for my christmas cd “Simply Christmas”. You can drive around town with the sounds of Christmas

and your’s truly. Be blessed everyone.




Christmas Music coming!


I love Christmas so I recorded a Christmas Cd called Simply Christmas!

More information coming soon. It’s a classic and you’ll want to have a copy for the years to come!

More to come!



Coming Soon!