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Discouragement or Encouragement! Whose on your main stage?

Discouragement or Encouragement! Whose on your main stage?

My mind has many voices but there are two voices that are usually leading, but not at the same time. The voice of discouragement or the voice of encouragement. We’ve got to be our own best friends. I have decided I will give the voice of encouragement more credence than the voice of discouragement. In the past it was the other way around. I was listening to Joel Osteen the other day and he said we are pretty much programmed to listen to the negative over the positive.
I believe it but I don’t believe that it stops there.

The voice of discouragement was my best, best friend for a long time. Waking up with me, walking through the day with me, going out to dinner with me, “trying” to write a song with me, and then falling asleep with me. But through my spiritual journey for the last 15 years or so, I am finally getting to that place where I have the awareness that when the voice of discouragement is trying to lead, I can shut it down. It doesn’t have to lead my show. I never thought I would get to that place where my voice of encouragement would finally take the lead and become my best friend. I do believe I would not have reached this place without both voices. We would not know light unless we are aware of the dark. Yes?

The difference between those who are successful and those who are not is each individual’s consistent, persistent use and awareness of either the voice of discouragement or the voice of encouragement. Life is much more fun with the voice of encouragement. Which voice is running your life?


Way to start the day


I lay in bed this morning in between covers and thoughts of laying in bed for 5 more minutes or getting up. It is always a tricky time for me because in those 5 minutes the mind starts chatting about all it’s perceived ideas of what is not going right, what needs to be done, what hasn’t been done and the dread of it all.  But this morning I was able to check it and switch directions and go another way. I redirected my mind to all that is good in my life right now and all that is possible. Instead of dread for the day, I spend the five minutes in wonder about what beauty and fun and joy could happen today. I realized that I am literally surrounded by the spirit of God all around me because there is nothing in this world that did not come from God’s creating. My bed, sheets, pillows, blankets, my house, coffee, my car, my furniture. All God creations through human expression. That is mind boggling to me and wonderful to know that I am cradled in the presence of God all the time no matter where I am. Wow. What a way to start the day! Smiles.

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The JOY of it all!


It has taken quite a few years to appreciate the moment. I have always been full of joy and laughter but these days I am more

aware of the moments and I am appreciative of those moments and the people involved in the moments. It is nice to be aware.

I hung out tonight with great friends, good wine and food and I performed. Performing brings me so much joy and stirs up love inside of 

me and I am that love. Nothing special happened. Just being. Simple.

Thanks for everyone tonight…Chris Hackett, Laura Shea, Jim Berrong, Noel Tardy, Jesse Tuttle, Dottie Cihlar,

William Foley, John Adams, Dirje Smith and so many others.