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Choose One


In a world where everyone seems to be moving at a break-neck pace, find and choose one activity a day to slow your roll. We all need refueling and alone time to regenerate our mind, emotions, and j general well being.

For some, it is exercising or yoga. For others it is meditating. I also find journaling is good as well or reading. Begin your day with one of these practices and I believe you will see a a sense of well being arise. It is taking the time to do something just for you that does not involve anyone else. I used to try and do all of the above and I would end up stressing about getting all of them done, which order should I do them in, or feeling guilty if I didn’t get all of them done.

Today, I am about ease and grace and KISS (Keep it Simple Silly). Just choose one and watch the not so subtle change occur in your overall being. Choose One Today!


To my friends….. this is just a moment of thoughts captured, please do not think you have to fix me or save me or point me to the truth


I am living within the confines of a life that is truly not mine. Supposedly I am told it is what I have created but because there are lines around my mind and there is a border patrol of memories and patterns so deeply etched in my canvas called my life, I seem to be able to go no further, to stretch no further. There is burning and longing to stretch my body across the entire universe, to eat it all up and take it all in but I live in a very small corner of the universe that seems to only take in so much and only see so far and only experience a pin drop of what my soul longs for. There is a great wide world out there filled with beauty to see, and people to meet, and food to eat, and songs to sing, and lovers to love, and laughter to be had. I wish my fingers could touch the whole of life, but in my mind I can only see so far and reach so far for I am trapped within the confines of my own thoughts, thoughts of my parents, my ancestors, my environment. Oh how I would like to knock the walls down, bust open the seams, and fly but who am I kidding. I have tried all the years to live the life of my dreams, to experience life fully and extremely and have yet achieved that so I will simple be where I am and peer out the little lens that I have been giving that can dream big, but has yet to live big!

Show up, Flow Up…..


It is Day 3 of blogging and I find myself wondering about what I will write about each day. But I think for me, it is best just to show up and see what my muse has to say, to allow the flow to occur. I do not want to expect anything out of blogging, just the act of doing, being, and allowing will be a gift all in itself. It has only been 3 days, but each morning when I arrive with my favorite Starbuck’s French Roast cup of coffee and begin, I am delighted and filled with lots of child-like glee like when I was a kid and discovered creativity. Wow… I feel like a new person even after 3 days. I hate to say this blog is more about me than others, but I know when I write for others whether it be a song or in my book, there is a pressure that occurs that stymies the flow. The flow is my friend and she loves playing with me and creating just because. 

Since being on word press, I have seen many different articles about having a successful blog, building your business through blogging, and how often should you blog. That puts me back in my head and out of the flow once again. I need to write for writing’s sake and nothing else. It feeds my soul, makes me feel alive, whole, and accomplished. I get to carry that feeling throughout my day. So grateful!

The JOY of it all!


It has taken quite a few years to appreciate the moment. I have always been full of joy and laughter but these days I am more

aware of the moments and I am appreciative of those moments and the people involved in the moments. It is nice to be aware.

I hung out tonight with great friends, good wine and food and I performed. Performing brings me so much joy and stirs up love inside of 

me and I am that love. Nothing special happened. Just being. Simple.

Thanks for everyone tonight…Chris Hackett, Laura Shea, Jim Berrong, Noel Tardy, Jesse Tuttle, Dottie Cihlar,

William Foley, John Adams, Dirje Smith and so many others.

Staying in the flow


I have not blogged in a couple of weeks. I have been in a space of noting that the “flow” can look very different. I thought it was going to look one way and over the last few weeks I hit a stumbling block, purely made of my own doing. I kept trying to push in a certain direction because that is what I “thought” I was supposed to do, but my heart was not in it and I kept hitting up against a bunch of walls. In the last few days I finally decided to give in to what might be present or wanting to present itself. So I forced nothing at all. I did some housework, watched tv, and just followed what was next. Where I was led to, was the writing of lyrics. I have not written lyrics by myself, for myself in awhile. I have been writing with other people and that’s a different energy. 

To finally sit and write for myself was wonderful and joyous. So the flow may not always have to do with what we think it has to do. The flow twists and turns and how nice is that!



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